What’s the difference between a factory warranty and an extended warranty?

A factory warranty comes with a new car purchase and is provided by the manufacturer. An extended warranty comes from a qualified third party provider and picks up where the factory warranty ended.

Are extended vehicle protection plans and extended auto warranties the same thing?

Yes. “Extended vehicle protection plans” and “extended auto warranties” are two names for the same product - a plan that covers unexpected car repairs. Another name used is “extended service contract”.

Can I save money on car repairs with an extended service contract?

Yes. You could save up to thousands of dollars on the cost of repairs. This is one of the main reasons people purchase vehicle service contracts.

Doesn’t my auto insurance cover unexpected auto repairs?

Usually, car repair insurance is meant to cover the costs of repairs due to accidents, fire damage or vandalism. Auto insurance does not typically cover breakdown costs occurring during normal use.

Can I get a free extended auto warranty plan quote?

Yes. This website lets you to get a free quote on any vehicle. Just call or fill out the free quote form.

If I get a free quote, am I under any obligation to purchase?

No. Free quotes do not obligate you to make any purchase at all. Plus, there’s no pressure to buy. The choice is 100% yours.

My vehicle make and model are very reliable. Do I still need extended vehicle protection?

Every car will eventually experience a breakdown. Even the most reliable brands can end up with expensive problems to fix. You can take the risk, or you can get a service contract that covers your repair costs.


Can I purchase an extended service contract for a used car?

Yes. In fact, this is one of the most common scenarios for a service contract purchase. These plans help make sure your used car repair costs are paid for.

Can more than one vehicle be covered by the same extended warranty?

No. Each contract is for a single vehicle only. The reason is that each car make and model may have different coverage requirements. Plus, the cost of coverage applies to only one vehicle.

Are extended vehicle protection plans transferable?

Depending on the contract specifics, extended service contracts may be transferable. This means if you sell your car, the protection plan goes with it. Some use this as a way to improve the value of their used car sale.

My vehicle has a lot of miles on it, can I still get coverage?

In most cases, even cars with high mileage can get the benefit of an extended vehicle protection plan. Since older cars may break down more often, this is an attractive way to cover repair costs.

Are extended service contracts available that cover the powertrain?

Yes. Most plans include powertrain coverage. In fact, you can choose a plan that exclusively covers the powertrain, which typically includes the engine, axle, drivetrain and transmission.

Is there more than one option available for vehicle protection plans?

Yes. There are many options. In fact, best extended car warranties are highly customizable. You can choose from a variety of plans to get the coverage that suits your needs. Call a customer service representative and find out about your options.

Do extended auto warranties cover wear-and-tear damage?

In most cases, extended vehicle protection plans do not cover wear-and-tear damage. This means things like replacing worn tires, wiper blades or burned out lights are not covered in the service package.


How are extended auto warranty claims handled?

If you experience an unexpected mechanical breakdown, you simply take your vehicle to the authorized repair facility of your choice. Tell the repair center about your extended warranty plan. Once the cost of repairs are determined, the repair center contacts the service contract provider. Payments are made directly to the repair facility. Depending on your plan, you may or may not have to pay a small deductible.

Does an extended warranty include roadside assistance or any other perks?

Yes. Most qualified plans provide 24/7 roadside assistance. This may also include emergency fuel delivery and lock out assistance. Other benefits may include a rental car while your repairs are being completed.

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