How Car Warranty Plans Protect Your Wallet

Car Warranty Plans

Besides protecting you from a big one-time repair bill, it’s a hedge against inflation.

Nobody likes to have to take their car in for repairs. The only thing worse is when it turns out to be a major problem. These days, repair bills can cost up to several thousands of dollars. So, how can you protect yourself?

Car warranty plans are designed to protect you when you’re on the road. Let’s go over some reasons why so many people choose a car protection plan. Then, get a free quote so you can enjoy these benefits and more.

Plan Ahead and Stay on the Road with Car Warranty Plans

Car care requires good planning. If you wait until smoke is pouring out of the engine to change your oil, it’s too late. Also, if you think about how you’re going to pay for a $5,000 repair bill after a breakdown, it’s also too late.

Extended car warranty plans are for the smart planner. These packages act like a factory warranty. This means if something goes wrong unexpectedly, the plan pays for the repair costs.

Even if the engine fails — which can be a big-ticket item — the service plan pays for it. You may have to pay a deductible, but it’s probably going to be $100 or less. Think about that for a second — you pay $100 or less for a $5,000 repair job.

It’s such a great deal that in some cases, the entire warranty pays for itself after a single repair. As you can see, buying one of the available car warranty plans makes good financial sense.

Car Warranty Plans Protect Your Vehicle’s Technology

Speaking of big-ticket items, your engine isn’t the only thing you need to worry about when owning a car. Your vehicle has lots of expensive technology, and just like your home computer, when that technology breaks, the entire system goes down.

Technology can double the cost of repairs, even if something minor happens. Unless you have thousands of dollars sitting in the bank, just waiting for you to find a reason to spend it, you need to invest in one of the car warranty plans that are available.

These plans cover the technology in your vehicle, including the:

  • Front radar sensors
  • Rear radar sensors
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Side mirror sensors
  • Front camera lenses

Then, you can use the money in your bank account for something more fun, like a vacation.

Get a free quote on an extended car warranty with a technology package today.

Customized Car Warranty Plans Compliment Dealership Warranties

Your vehicle probably came with its own warranty, but it only covers some of what you need. Let’s say you have a fantastic powertrain warranty, but your bumper-to-bumper warranty leaves something to be desired. Without bulking up your bumper-to-bumper coverage, you can expect to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on repairs.

Car warranty plans allow you to tailor the warranty to fit your needs. Extend what you need and let the manufacturer warranty pick up the rest. It’s that easy – and a great way to save your hard-earned cash.

You can choose from:

  • New vehicle coverage (bumper-to-bumper)
  • Pre-owned coverage
  • High mileage option
  • Powertrain coverage
  • Tech packages
  • Special case coverage

You can even get a customized plan based on your budget. The company will consider your needs and budget when creating your plan. You can go over different options and then select the one that makes the most sense for your driving style and your vehicle.

Just remember if you wait until you need it to buy it, it’s already too late. Get one of the car warranty plans now, use it later, and avoid the sick feeling that comes with huge repair bills. The cost of the warranty will be money well spent when it’s time to repair your vehicle. In fact, you’ll feel so relieved that you don’t have to pay the huge repair bills that you’ll tell your friends and family to look into car warranty plans, as well.

Get More Use Out of a Pre-Owned Vehicle with Car Warranty Plans

You might think that car warranty plans are only for new vehicles, but that’s not the case. You can get a warranty for a pre-owned or high-mileage vehicle to avoid those expensive repairs that add up as cars get more and more miles.

Let’s do a little math here to see why car warranty plans are necessary for high-mileage and older vehicles.

You can expect to pay more than double in repair costs when your car reaches 75,000 miles. You probably struggled with repair costs when the vehicle was only a few years old, so can you handle paying twice that amount? And if you can’t pay, what will you do? Will you trade the vehicle in, only to have to replace it, or just let it sit in the driveway until you save up the money to fix it? Neither is a good option.

Fortunately, car warranty plans cover those costs as your vehicle ages. You can save thousands of dollars on repairs with your extended warranty while also extending the life of your vehicle. You’re driving on borrowed miles, so it’s time to look at car warranty plans today, while you still can. Then, you can push your vehicle to its limits and get much more out of it than you ever thought possible.

Car Warranty Plans Let You Maintain Your Freedom

You have a favorite mechanic that you’ve used for years, and you don’t want to have to change due to the fine print on car warranty plans. Here’s some good news …

You can choose the repair shop when you use your plan. Stick with your favorite mechanic or try someone else. You’ll have complete control when you get one of the extended vehicle protection plans. Just take your vehicle into the shop of your choice, get the repairs, let the warranty company pay, and hit the road. It really is that easy when you purchase one of the available car warranty plans. It’s not just easy. By choosing your own mechanic, you also know you’ll get the best service possible.

Stuck on the Road? No Problem with Car Warranty Plans

You’re driving down the road, and all of a sudden, your car starts making some noise.

Something is wrong.

You try to drive a few extra miles to make it to a gas station, but it finally sputters and gives up. Thank goodness you were able to make it to the side of the road.

If you’re one of the many people with car warranty plans, you can arrange for roadside assistance to retrieve you. It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of the morning or the middle of the night. Someone will be there promptly.

And if you don’t have one of the car warranty plans?

You’ll need to go through your phone and find a friend to pick you up. Needless to say, that’s not ideal. Most friends don’t want to be on standby in case your vehicle breaks down. They would rather you pick up one of the available car warranty plans to protect you when you’re on the road.

Deal with Embarrassing Situations with Car Warranty Plans

Did you know that car warranty plans can even save you from embarrassment? Let’s say you’re driving down the road, ignoring your fuel light, and all of a sudden, you come to a complete stop. You’re completely out of gas and embarrassed beyond belief. You’ve heard of this happening, but up to this point, it’s never happened to you.

Some car warranty plans come with fuel delivery. You just need to call the number and then a company will bring fuel to you so you can get back on the road without having to make that long and lonely walk to a gas station with a gas can in your hand. That’s a huge relief.

Locking keys in a vehicle is even more common than running out of gas because it’s so easy to do. You just need to be distracted for a second to realize that your keys are safely inside your vehicle while you’re standing outside. Calling a locksmith and explaining your situation is embarrassing and uncomfortable. Then, if the locksmith is busy, you could wait for hours to get inside your vehicle. You can expect passersby to ask questions, so you’ll have to provide an embarrassing explanation over and over again.

Some car warranty plans that include lockout assistance, so you can avoid this problem. The warranty company handles these calls all the time, so the team will alleviate your embarrassment. They’ll even ensure that you get back in your vehicle quickly, so you won’t be stuck standing in a gas station parking lot for hours while waiting for a locksmith.

Car Warranty Plans Let You Keep Driving When Your Car Is Being Repaired

Does this sound familiar? You take your vehicle in to be repaired, only to get stuck bumming a ride from your friends. This is bad for your self-esteem and your friendship. After all, no one wants to be the go-to chauffeur while you wait for your repairs, and you’re past the age where it feels OK to ask for rides. You’ve been driving way too long to go back to that.

Here’s how you fix that. Use the rental car benefit that comes with some car warranty plans. The plan will pay for your rental car, so you can maintain your friendships and your dignity while staying on the road. Then, when your car is ready, just drop the rental car back off and pick up your vehicle at the repair shop.

Add a Little Incentive to Buyers

You love your vehicle, but eventually, you’re going to sell it and move on. That’s how life works. Selling your vehicle privately nets more money than trading it into a dealership, but it can also be hard to finalize a deal. You have to find a way to make that 2003 Toyota Camry look better than those other well-loved vehicles available.

It’s easy to do when your vehicle is protected by an extended warranty. Car warranty plans are often transferable, so it can go with the new owner. What a great way to sweeten the deal! Prospective buyers will love the extra protection they’ll receive when they make the purchase.

Also, because car warranty plans are so attractive, you can ask a little more for your car when selling it. Imagine what you could do with a few hundred bucks you weren’t expecting.

When the buyer and the seller are both happy, that’s a win. That’s yet another reason to browse car warranty plans.

And Then Sweeten the Deal a Little More

Do you still need to sweeten the deal for buyers? Car warranty plans make it easy to get repairs when you own the car, and that can help you close the deal.

Here’s how it works:

  • Use your warranty to get all necessary repairs
  • Keep your repair records
  • Entice potential buyers by showing them the records

People are more willing to buy from a third-party seller when they can prove the vehicle’s been taken care of, and that’s easy when you have a used car warranty.

Get a free quote on an extended warranty plan today!

Fight Back Against Inflation

Truly insightful car owners see another advantage. They know car part costs aren’t going down soon. Plus, the cost of labor seems to keep going up all the time. The cost of an extended vehicle protection plan, however, is locked in for the life of the contract.

Even if there’s a spike in auto parts costs, you retain protection at the same price. Nice deal!

Plus, by locking in the price today, you are protecting yourself down the road when your car gets older. You’ll receive a quote based on a new vehicle, and then, as it ages and needs more repairs, you won’t pay more as long as you’re still covered by the warranty. That means you can take care of your vehicle and drive it longer than you would without one of the car warranty plans. That’s more than a nice deal. It’s a fantastic one, and easy to enjoy when you select from the available car warranty plans.

Get a Quote for an Extended Car Warranty

Now that you’ve looked at the benefits of car warranty plans, you’re ready to dive in and get a warranty. Get a free quote, personalize your coverage, and pick a plan. A vehicle protection expert will help you find the cheapest extended warranty that meets your needs.

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